Installation Run Time Error

Installation Run Time Error.

If you encounter a “Run Time Error” while trying to install Simplicity, it is most likely caused by one of the following reasons.

Windows 7 users will often get a Run Time Error, which is because Windows 7’s lack of registration of the MT4 platform.
Also the reason why Simplicity version 1.1 no longer is supported on the Windows 7 operating system, but users are required to stay with Simplicity version 1.0.0 and use the manual installation files and instructions.

Windows 10 user.
If you encounter a installation Run Time Error, make sure your windows 10 is updated to latest build / patch level.
If the Installation Run Time Error is a general runtime 21 error, try to go through the below instructions

Runtime 21 Errors Fix – How To Repair The Runtime 21 Error On Your System For Good

If the installation Run Time Error is described with a path to your MT4 (“C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming ………\Templates\Simplicity WYW.tpl”. The system cannot find the path specified)
It is very likely caused by an MT4 update which has corrupted the path to the specific MT4.
If you have multiple MT4’s, try each of them one by one, if that does not work, the only solution to that is to either re-install the MT4 or install a new MT4 to have Simplicity running on.