License key problems

License key problems.

There can be multiple causes of the License code error.

At initial installation.
At installation at first startup of the Pip Hunter, Simplicity or Arc
If you encounter the license code error right after installation, at the first time you try to start the system it is most likely caused by a wrongly entered license code.
You can fix this by removing all system indicators and templates and do a re-installation, this time make sure your license code is entered correct, make sure there is no space before or after the code.
Or you can open the system templates one by one in a WordPad (or similar word editing SW), search for a txt string “ClientLicenseKey=”, when you locate it, enter the key again and save the file.

System has been installed and stopped working.
If you encounter the license code error after the installation and it has been up and running, but stopped working, it is normally caused if you have 1) not shut down the system correctly (close MT4 with the charts running) or 2) attempted to use it on a different MT4 platform or broker account.
You can fix this by closing down the MT4 or accounts that you had the system running on or attempted to run on correctly (Close the MT4 platform or broker account with the system running) and re-open it on the MT4 or account that you intend to use it on.
If this does not work, you need to close all the MT4 platforms and accounts you have had the Pip Hunter or Simplicity installed on. Then open Windows File Explorer and in the root of the “C” drive you search for a file named “ULPH.dat” (for the Pip Hunter) or “ULS.dat” (for Simplicity), when you locate it, you delete it. Restart the MT4 you intend to use the system on and apply the template to a new chart.
Keep in mind, the system can only be used on one MT4 platform or broker account at a time, if you need to use it on multiple MT4 platforms or accounts, you need to shut down the system correctly before attempting to open it on a new platform or broker account.

Note, the license key does not expire, so requesting a new key is not going to resolve the issue.
Go through the steps above and you should be fine.