MT4 optimization

Platform getting sluggish or non-responsive.

There is a couple of things you can do to improve the responsiveness of the MT4 platform and systems your running on it.

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1) Ensure your computer comply with the minimum required configurations
(System: Dual core CPU, 4Gb of Ram – OS: Windows 10 or later, OSX with Bootcamp, WMvare Fusion or Parallels and Windows 10)

2) Make sure your running the latest released version of the systems, if your in doubt which version that is, contact the admins in the telegram groups, they will be able to help you.
The download link and zip file you received when you purchased the product will always contain the latest version.

3) If the system is still running sluggish or is non responsive, you should try to decrease the number of instruments and/or lower the number of time frames scanned.
You can also increase the scan interval from the default 5min to something higher, just make sure your scanning at least 4 times within the lowest TF
(e.g. if your scanning on H1, you should have maximum a 15min scan interval)

4) If you experience slow opening of signals, when clicking signal buttons, try to enable the option OpenSignalInAnotherWindow.


General MT4 optimization and maintenance.

1) Check with your broker and ensure your running the latest MT4.
During the Month of January 2020 there was an MT4 update from Metaquotes, some brokers has been quicker to adopt the newer version than others, but check and see if you’re running the latest version, if not, I would suggest you to update.
The main reason for an update could be data feed (ticks) and connection stability, if either of those is unstable or cuts out, your platform will suffer and can become un-responsive.

2) Bars in Chart and History
Lower the number of bars in chart and history, it is by default set VERY high and can easy be lower to 5.000 without causing any problems.
By lowering the bars in chart and history, your computer needs to carry out less calculations, hence become quicker to respond

3) Maintain your MT4 platform.
Do regular (weekly) maintenance clean-up’s, your history and log file can and should be reduced on a regular basis as it will continue to add files to your trade platform on a daily basis

History: Click on “File > Open Data Folder > History > “broker name/server name” …. Highlight all files and delete them.

Logs: Click on “File > Open Data Folder > Logs ….. except for the latest log (by date) and the metaeditor file, highlight all and delete them


Computer System Upgrades.

There was posted a few suggestions to upgrade to faster or more RAM.
Upgrading to faster RAM is possible, but will only give you a marginal performance upgrade.

Upgrading to more RAM is in general always a good idea, particular if your multitasking on your computer and if it has 4Gb or less. With an 8Gb kit you should be fine, 16Gb kit you not seeing a huge improvement unless your running decoding or similar high load demanding tasks on your PC same time as your trading. And anything above 16Gb is a complete waste if you’re a normal PC user.