New way of working in Uncle Lee’s Simplicity version 1.1

Dear fellow Simplicity users.

Im getting a lot of PM’s from users saying
– Indicators does not show on the chart
– My saved template does not display as I have saved it
…. In general, a lot of comments round templates and the use of templates.

As described in the guides and release notes, there is a new way of working with Simplicity.
We have optimized the system so it runs in the system memory, which significant has improved stability and responsiveness of the system.
But as we have (tried to) explain, it requires you to get the system started up slightly different than before.
When you start Simplicity
1) Open a new clean chart
2) Attach one of the Simplicity Templates from the template folder
3) Click on one of the Strategy buttons (YWY, YYB or YYR)
If you do that, the template will re-generate and show correctly

When you modify your templates.
1) ALWAYS use the “Save template layout” button on your chart, it will save the template in the files folder, which is where the strategy buttons recall the correct settings from.

Open signal in a new window.
Please read the feature guide page 17 and 18, it explain how to use the function and remember to save the template layout (with the on chart button) before closing or changing the chart.

Simplicity is a big and complex system, it is always a good idea to read the provided guides … they are there for a reason.