Support and Support Tickets

In order to provide you with the best possible support, it is important that you provide as much detailed information as possible.
It is simply not enough to say “My Pip Hunter / Simplicity is not working”

If your Pip Hunter / Simplicity has not been working right after the installation, go through the Pip Hunter / Simplicity Trouble shooting DIY guide here in the Knowledge Base, step by step to eliminate the most common mistakes.

If your Pip Hunter / Simplicity stopped working it is mostly likely either because you didn’t shut down the Pip Hunter / Simplicity as you should, or you have tried to use it on another platform, whereby your Pip Hunter / Simplicity License will be locked up and you need to release it by following the “Close MT4 with the Pip Hunter / Simplicity Chart Open” article here in the Knowledge Base.

Should none of it lead to a working Pip Hunter / Simplicity, raise a support ticket or contact one of the admins in the telegrams groups
Explain in details
– Inform us from which Email the Pip Hunter / Simplicity was purchased
– What is the symptoms, what do you see on your chart and settings
– What have you tried to resolve the issue
– Explain in details what you did before it stopped working

General information.
– Follow the instructions provided by the support staff, don’t deviate from the sequence of activities, or else the support staff will not be able to help you
– You must posses basic knowledge to operate MT4 and follow instructions, if you are unable to do so, you must either acquire the knowledge or find somebody who can.
The Pip Hunter / Simplicity support staff can and will not access your computer and make changes for security reasons.
– You might have some experience with MT4 and trade systems, but chances are that the support staff know more about the particular case than you, so make sure you follow the guidance from the support staff.
– The support provided are strictly technical support related to the Pip Hunters / Simplicity functionality, the support staff are there to make sure your Pip Hunter / Simplicity gets working on your system, they are not your personal trading coach.


Support tickets from product page
Our ambition and goal is to have your support and contact tickets replied within a 24hour period – either with an answer to your question or solution to your problem.
Should we not get a response back from the provided answer or solution, we will close the ticket 48 hours after the response has been provided.
If the problem persists, please raise a new ticket, or contact the group admins in the telegram groups for further assistance.