Telegram Groups

Telegram groups

In order to server our users with the best possible experience, we have created and manage a few different Telegram groups.

Open Telegram Groups.
These groups are open and free to join by anybody.
These groups will be used for general product information, announcements, promotions and answer basic questions from user on the trading systems we manage.
In other words, these groups would be a starting point for potential new users of the systems.

Closed Telegram Groups.
These groups are dedicated groups for legit owners of our trading systems.
These groups has multiple purposes, but first and foremost, it is a group where users can get dedicated support from the system developers should they encounter problems.
It is also a group where we discuss System strategies, share experiences, screenshots of trades (open and closed), setups etc …. A group dedicated to the users of the system.
Restrictions and permissions in these groups are very low, to allow users to post screenshots and have open dialog’s with other members or admins of the groups.
In the group files, you will find additional information and a complete set of guides to the trade system, along with some suggested or user submitted “add-ons”

Access to the closed telegram groups.
In order to gain access to the closed telegram groups, you will as a legit owner of one (or more) or our trade systems have to contact one of the admins in one of the Open Telegram Groups, provide the Admin with a screenshot of your purchase confirmation and request access to the group relevant to the system you bought.

Install and use Telegram on your trade computer, it will open the full functionality of Telegram and give you access to files folders etc.

Open telegram groups
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