Uncle Lee’s Simplicity is a complete trade system that combines 3 highly accurate strategies, each build round a reversal or pullback signal followed by 2 trend confirmation signals.
All wrapped up in a scanner function that can be tailored to your trade style no matter if your preferences are scalping the smaller timeframes or prefer trend or swing trading on the longer timeframes

Despite having a lot of options and possible customizations, the system is very easy to use for both new as experienced traders.
We have in addition published guides and instructions in the Simplicity owners telegram groups.
This telegram group also serve as the official support group for the system, where users always can get in touch with us or other members to get a helping hand

Uncle Lee’s Simplicity is a manual trade system, so the accuracy of the system depend on the traders ability to use the system and analyze the signals it provide.

Uncle Lee’s Simplicity is a reversal or pullback based system, it will identify points in a reversal or pullback where the new trend is confirmed.
It can be configured with scalping and/or trend/swing trading, all depending on your scanner settings, It can further more be set up to scan any instrument and TF higher than M1, so should be suitable for a majority of trade styles.

Trading Forex is by no means easy, no matter what some people (scammers) might tell you.
Uncle Lee’s Simplicity has been build as user friendly as possible, the interface and work process is very simple and straight forward.
But users are still required to have basic understanding of the platform and trading in general.

No, you are able to obtain a limited functionality demo version from the MQL Market Place, but there is no demo or trial version of the full system.

Yes, for as long the systems is active we will update and improve free of charge.

Your payment options depend on your country rules and regulations, available options are listed in the MQL purchase system.

The fee’s are also based on your country TAX / VAT regulations and not anything we can influence.

At the Knowledge Base we have additional documentation published on the systems as well as links to telegram groups dedicated to the systems where both members and group admins will be more than happy to assist you.

Absolutely, we have a very dynamic team which constantly are looking for opportunities to introduce new or better ways to achieve that financial independence by trading forex.

No, we will not (remote) access your computer or VPS to make any changes, for multiple reasons.
1) to prevent allegations of theft or corruption of system or files
2) protection of private information
3) direct access between two computers is open in both directions, and we don’t want to expose our systems and content either.

We provide an extensive range of guides and troubleshooting tips and tricks.
We expect our users to have a good fundamental knowledge of the MT4 platform, firewall and antivirus installations / permissions, whereby able to carry out changes required to setup and use the systems.
Should you not poses that level of experience, it is your responsibility to either gain experience or find somebody who can carry out the required changes for you in accordance with our instructions.