Uncle Lee’s Simplicity

A trade system that consists of 3 highly efficient triple confirmation strategies and a scanner, which will take the hassle of searching for signals away so you can concentrate on the important part of analysis and trading.

The 3 strategies is all build round a turn signal and two trend confirmations, which differ depending on the selected strategy.

Community and support

You are never alone. We all know how daunting it can be to start up with a new system or strategy, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We have several big Telegram groups, with lots of very good people who are more than willing to reach out and give a helping hand. As well as guides, instructions and an official support section on this website which can deal with any issues you might encounter with the system.

Trading Made Simple

The 3 different trading strategies (A) are clickable and will when activated change the chart to the selected strategy.
When a setup in accordance with your strategy and scanner settings appear, it will be visualized with clickable boxes (B) which when activated will open the signal on the chart with instrument and TF (C).

Customization and flexibility

We all have our own preferences when it comes to trading, both in terms of trade style, selection of chart indicators and color scheme.

As default, Uncle Lee’s Simplicity comes with what we consider sufficient to make a good standalone system, but it can be customized with your favorite indicators, or even open the signals in your favorite template.

The options in Uncle Lee’s Simplicity will allow you to set up the scanner for your preferred trade style, no matter if you are a scalper on the lower TF’s or trend trader on the daily TF.
In addition it is customizable to add or change chart indicators and color schemes to your preference.

Continuous strive for perfection

We are a small, diverse team of traders that build and use the systems we market.

We update and improve on current systems, listen to our users and take in recommendations and suggestions for potential revision updates, free of charge.

We also actively work on new or different trading strategies to give us all that edge we need to be successful traders.

We do not market our systems with big (empty) promises as so many other vendors, but are very realistic and have an open, honest and very transparent trading mindset.